September 15, 2017

Editing for IPM in the works...

Photo © 2017 GM Anders
... analog photo editing for the ANDERSVIEW Photoart-Walk at the Cologne / Köln - Ehrenfeld neighborhood, Germany.

September 04, 2017

A Museum of a different kind...

Photo © 20006 GM Anders
... kind of a tribal one. About a vibe that took off in & from Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Meanwhile this feeling has spread all over the world and manifested itself in very specific people, places & neighborhoods. The Photoart-Work & the Stories are therefore also very site specific as you will see...

ANDERSVIEW  IPM Roll Out starts gradually in Sept. 2017.

August 25, 2017

Story flows...

Picture editing... is a bit like writing a text... with the grammar of the heart.
Photo © 2017 GM Anders - ANDERSVIEW

August 17, 2017

New workflows inspire...

The Andersview Photo Archive is being edited in a new set up... :-)
Photo © 2017 GM Anders

July 07, 2017


New Prints bound to happen :-)
Photo © 2017 GM Anders - Andersview

July 04, 2017

Darkroom works... :-)

Film processing... up & running at Andersview :-)

July 01, 2017

New from the ground up > Analog B&W Photo-Atelier > Progress update :-)

Great to get support from my hardworking intern, Andreas :-)
Photo © 2017 GM Anders ~ Andersview

May 30, 2017

News > Summer 2017 Update :-)

Please find update under "News" or click here...

... from the new ANDERSVIEW- Atelier being built. Had already a pretty perfect summer view today :-)
Photo © 2017 GM Anders ~ Andersview

May 23, 2017

New Prints Series > Urbanblossoms...

Happy today, how the new approach, the images & the first frame ensemble turned out :-).
Photo © 2017 GM Anders - ANDERSVIEW

May 21, 2017

Back to urban life...

Photo © 2017 GM Anders - ANDERSVIEW

> WKND > Garden > Rest... :-)

"be/coming" needs some restful places too :-

Photo © 2017 GM Anders - Andersview 

May 20, 2017

WKND... even at ANDERSVIEW :-)


Photo © 2017 GM Anders - ANDERSVIEW

May 12, 2017

... in progress...

ANDERSVIEW Artstation images in production, getting ready for the wall, soon :-)

May 11, 2017

Even artwork starts with work :-)

First new showroom set up for ANDERSVIEW has started.... will keep you posted :-)

March 25, 2017

It started here > W'burg, BROOKLYN

Morning Quiet
Driggs Ave., Williamsburg, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Silver gelatin fiber base print. Captured with 
Arca Swiss 4x5" large format camera & Ilford FP4 BW Film
Photo ©2003 G.M. Anders ~ Andersview

January 22, 2017

Fini: Exhibit Brooklyn <©> Ehrenfeld

Was a great experience to "occupy" the bar (too) with Photoart for a week at Club Nachtigall in Cologne, Germany during the Passagen event 2017. Big THANK YOU to the owner Emre, the manager Sascha & the friendly Staff who made it all possible! AND to the numerous visitors too, who showed so much interest! I hope you all enjoyed the show.

January 18, 2017

EXHIBIT VIEW: Brooklyn<©>Ehrenfeld

... :-) and NO we had NO power outage... :-) just a bit of a different viewing experience.

January 17, 2017

EXHIBIT DAY 2: Brooklyn<©>Ehrenfeld

Open today 6 PM to 1 AM. I will host the show from 6 PM to at least 9 PM... and something new will be up there on the wall today :-) in analog B&W.

GM Anders


January 16, 2017

EXHIBIT DAY 1: Brooklyn<©>Ehrenfeld

Photo © 2017 GM Anders
Day 1:
Its quiet analog up there on the wall, in Black & White :-)

ANDERSVIEW Photoart Exhibition

"Club Nachtigall" Photo © 2016 GM Anders - Andersview

ANDERSVIEW Photoart Exhibition: 

"Brooklyn <©> Ehrenfeld"
Club Nachtigall, Körnerstr. 65, 50823 Köln / Cologne, Germany
Jan. 17th to 22nd 2017

Two worlds at the same stage...
Exhibit at the Cologne - Ehrenfeld neigborhood as part of the Passagen Program. Plz check www.voggenreiter.com for Passagen 2017 Catalog ( downloadable PDF)

Listing & Map © voggenreiter

For more detail click here :-)

Thank you for staying tuned!

GM Anders


January 15, 2017

Brooklyn<©>Ehrenfeld Exhibit WriteUp

Photo © 2017 GM Anders
I show two neighborhoods 3750 miles and about a decade apart, but in both places there was and is a common denominator that connects them: TRANSFORMATION.

Today Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a mostly working class neighborhood not long ago, is now one of New York City’s most desirable and expensive areas. How it will play out in Cologne-Ehrenfeld, Germany is still in flux.

The complex processes, interests and decisions show up in a neighborhood within the concrete built environment and its life. All this distills into a kind of “flavor”. How does it taste? To me that is the “Genius Loci” the spirit of a place. What I show is the result of a resonance at these localities.

Your action changes this exhibition! A purchased print will be replaced by a uniquely different  one. So this Exhibit will be different, meaning “Anders” in German, every day.

Thank you for your interest and hope to see you there :-)

GM Anders


January 14, 2017


Free Photoart Shows in private atmosphere. For info click here

July 30, 2016


"Greetings from Brooklyn"
 / "Grüsse aus Brooklyn"
July 30th to Aug. 14th 2016

©2003 GM Anders
Dazwischen Atelier
Alexander-Copper Str. 36
42651 Solingen

The exhibition tells the story
of my approach towards
photography. B&W fiber prints
& new photoart formats are

July 29, 2016

On my way through concrete jungles,

Jungle Queen

Bedford Ave., Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY.
Silver gelatin fiber base print. Captured with Leica M6 & Ilford FP4 BW Film
Print & Photo ©2006 G.M. Anders ~ Andersview

July 28, 2016

while Manhattan is dressed to impress!

Giants' fight

Chrysler Building, NYC
Silver gelatin fiber base print. Captured with Leica M6 & Ilford FP4 BW Film
Print & Photo ©2005 G.M. Anders ~ Andersview

July 25, 2016

Miss Williamsburg's...

Missing Miss W

Williamburg, NY, Brooklyn 2003
Silver gelatin fiber base print. Captured with Leica M6 & Ilford FP4 BW Film.
Print & Photo ©2005 Anders ~ Andersview

July 21, 2016

Yes, sometimes 0 is more than a start!


Devon Woodson / Blackbeard at Bowery Poetry Club, NYC 2004
Captured with Leica M6 & Kodak TriX BW Film
Photo © GM Anders ~ Andersview

July 20, 2016

In touch ...


Bedford Ave., Williamburg, Brooklyn NY.
Silver gelatin fiber base print.Captured with Leica M6 & Kodak TriX BW Film
Print & Photo ©2005 M.G. Anders ~ Andersview

July 19, 2016

... Face to Face matters,

The Point

Musician Boston Fielder at the Candy Store, Brooklyn, NY.
Captured with Leica M6 & Kodak TriX BW Film
Photo © 2012 G.M. Anders ~ Andersview

July 12, 2016

once you arrive at ...

Night ride into Manhattan
Video © 2014 G.M Anders ~ Andersview

July 11, 2016

...trusting the one, who has your back.


Miami, FL, Model: Devon Woodson
Photo © 2012 G.M. Anders ~ Andersview