by GM Anders

Photo © 2018 GM Anders
The ANDERSVIEW Imaginary Photoart Museum (IPM) is a Social Sculpture using the means of analog bw photography as an initial  tool. What is a social sculpture you may ask. As the artist Joseph Beuys defined it in his idea of an extended definition of art it is something you are already actively participating in by being here :-)

in concrete terms...

"I believe its great to go out there to great places and meet inspiring people! That is what I do and that is the experience I like to make more accessible to you... this is an invitation to places where people realized their dreams with their personal passion!

Trust me, the best form I could imagine to share this with you, is this:" >

GM Anders

and once again :-)

Hello and thank you for being here at the 
Imaginary Photoart Museum (IPM)!

You may wonder what kind of "Museum" this is? Good question!

The Museum exists at places you like to go & be. Cafes, Restaurants, Bars, Shops, Venues... there will be PHOTOART Locations, Stations & Showrooms. It all happens at neighborhoods you may love and cities that are special to me and hopefully to you too. It all will expand with time since this Museum is experience & process based.

The Museum will show my site specific analog B&W Photoart Prints and makes the artwork accessible to you in easy to transport formats. Even if you are not out there "shopping" you may use it as a guide to interesting places you otherwise may not be aware of.


In a nutshell its about our lives in this new period. Analog & digital things and processes have merged. There are a lot of new ways that can lead up to valuable Human to Human (H2H) experiences now, that lets one grow personally.

All live is analog and lots of our communications is digital now, so I merged both here at this Museum: My Photoart is all analog B&W & most communications are on digital channels for your easy access.

I always loved (and still do) to stroll through cities, experiencing the urban "Genius Loci" the spirit of a place and it's people. I made this what I really enjoy the focus of ANDERSVIEW Photoart and like to share this feeling with you.

My photoart plays within this field on different levels.


What do I photograph?: People & Places
Where do I photograph?: At places good for H2H.
Where do I show my photographs?: Places with & for valuable H2H interactions.
Why do I photograph analog BW?: Because I like it best & it makes me happy not to be alienated from my work & product.
Why do I use a different distribution system?: Showing at authentic places creates good times for me & people and highlights spots for valuable H2H interactions. 
Why do I feel photographs are relevant?: The maker & the viewer are connected by resonance. The image has an impact, the process is an experience. 
Why do I feel all of this comes with a responsibility?: Images go to heart first. Images have the power to make us feel about ourselves & the world in certain ways.
Why is that postdigital?: I & you go through experiences at places & times everyday. If you go and see Andersview Prints you will be in certain environments,... you shape them & they shape you. Interaction is a creation. You are then part of this social sculpture.

...so thats a lot of "About" for now, 
and I hope you enjoy the MUSEUM 
at your PHOTOART-WALK Experience :-)

GM Anders


Sept. 2017

PS. On a personal note,...
like you too, probably, I am involved with the present and concerned about our future on this planet. We all know things are changing. The city and the quality of the urban fabric is playing a major role in all of this. Now about 50% of us live in cities and within the next 20 years its projected to be 70% of humanity. To built and to make cities more livable & lovable places for us must therefore be the road to travel towards a better and more sustainable lifestyle. A lot of people are working in this field and for this cause very hands on in their communities. Since I am like you a "citizen" asking myself what is the best one can do, my work can be seen as my personal contribution that ideally may have some real practical impact, too. To live as a human in a well functioning and more beautiful community & city that we can identify with, is not a question of luxury anymore, its better & a need.