by GM Anders
Hello and thank you for being here!

You may wonder whats "postdigital" about ANDERSVIEW H2H PHOTOART?

Good question! 
In a nutshell its about our lives in this new period. Analog & digital things and processes have merged. There are a lot of new ways that can lead up to valuable Human to Human (H2H) experiences now, that lets one grow personally.

I always loved (and still do) to stroll through cities, experiencing the urban "Genius Loci" the spirit of a place and it's people. I made this what I really enjoy the focus of ANDERSVIEW Photoart and like to share this feeling with you.

My photoart plays within this field on different levels.


What do I photograph?: People & Places
Where do I photograph?: At places good for H2H.
Where do I show my photographs?: Places with & for valuable H2H interactions.
Why do I photograph analog BW?: Because I like it best & it makes me happy not to be alienated from my work & product.
Why do I use a different distribution system?: Showing at authentic places creates good times for me & people and highlights spots for valuable H2H interactions. 
Why do I feel photographs are relevant?: The maker & the viewer are connected by resonance. The image has an impact, the process is an experience. 
Why do I feel all of this comes with a responsibility?: Images go to heart first. Images have the power to make us feel about ourselves & the world in certain ways.
Why is that postdigital?: I & you go through experiences at places & times everyday. If you go and see Andersview Prints you will be in certain environments,... you shape them & they shape you. Interaction is a creation. You are then part of this social sculpture.

...so thats a lot of "About" for now, 
I hope you enjoy the rest  
very postdigitally :-)

GM Anders


Jan. 2017

PS. On a personal note,...
like you too, probably, I am involved with the present and concerned about our future on this planet. We all know things are changing. The city and the quality of the urban fabric is playing a major role in all of this. Now about 50% of us live in cities and within the next 20 years its projected to be 70% of humanity. To built and to make cities more livable & lovable places for us must therefore be the road to travel towards a better and more sustainable lifestyle. A lot of people are working in this field and for this cause very hands on in their communities. Since I am like you a "citizen" asking myself what is the best one can do, my work can be seen as my personal contribution that ideally may have some real practical impact, too. To live as a human in a well functioning and more beautiful community & city that we can identify with, is not a question of luxury anymore, its better & a need.